Pics Art Tutorial – Photo Mock Up Backgrounds

add backgrounds to png images with picsart pinterestThis simple tutorial involves using the photo editing app called PicsArt. This app is great for doing edits while on the go, or even when you’re too lazy to go on your computer. Life can be hard…

This PicsArt tutorial is great for those of us who use product mock ups for items we sell online. I generally use this little technique for t-shirts,tote bags, and mugs that I sell in my shops Melmon Squad and Honey Bee Prints Shop. I’m going to show you how I take photos that have a transparent background and give them a more appealing background.

First things first you’re going to need to get yourself the PicsArt app it’s available for both i phones and android devices.  You can check out PicsArt here.

Open up the PicsArt app on your mobile device, and click on the plus sign, this will bring up four different selections.


select the plus sign

These selections are edit, collage, draw, and sticker. For this tutorial we will selecting draw.


Click Draw

Once you’ve done that you’ll want to click on create new , and then click on draw on photo.


Select Create New


Select Draw on Photo

Select the photo on your phone that has a transparent background. Then click the check mark in the upper right corner.


Select the picture you have a with a transparent background



Click the check mark

Next step is to click the layers button that is located at the bottom right hand corner. This opens up the layers panel.


Click the layers icon bottom right corner


Select the blank layer

Select the  blank layer  then select the paint bucket icon to choose the color you want your background to be, and click the check mark.


Choose your background color

Now move that background layer below the layer of your photo.


To save your photo click the three dots icon in the top right corner and select save image.


Save Image

If you don’t want the background to be just one solid color you can also use another photo or pattern you have as the background. You can do this by selecting the plus sign icon and select photo layer and select the photo you want to use and then move that layer under your main picture.


Select Photo Layer


Choose background image


Enter a caption


Finished Picture

Hope this tutorial helps you out with simple editing on the go, if you’re more of a visual learner I’ve also made a little video tutorial here 

Have any questions feel free to ask away, and I will try my best to help you out.wordswag_1491000467136


Why Building Your Email List is SO Important


When you have a small business having and growing your email list is essential. When I first started my online business journey in 2013 it never even crossed my mind that I should have an email list. Actually, it wasn’t too long ago that I decided to create my email list. I first came across the site Mail Chimp, I signed up but then completely forgot all about. Then I saw blog posts and webinars teaching people how to grow their lists and why it’s so important. So I went back to my Mail Chimp account and got things all set up and created some signup forms. I’m still working on new ways to gain the ideal email subscribers.

Why is building your email list so important?

Growing your list is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers, clients, and fans. Keeping in touch helps you grow your community as well as gain trust with the people who are interested in what you have to offer them. Keeping this connection can make your email subscribers feel more like your new besties rather than just another subscriber.

I know you can easily build connections with people on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but you never know when those sites may one day POOF disappear. If any of those platforms vanish and none of those ideal customers joined your email list then that connection you once had is lost. Nobody wants that, but if your focus is more on increasing your email list rather than your social media following then you’ll always have a way to stay in touch. Social media platforms are also  jam-packed with other people’s posts that you have to be posting new content constantly just to get seen. With all the new algorithms it’s getting harder and harder to be seen and found on social media. BUT with your email list, you pretty much have total control of when your subscribers see your content because it gets sent straight to their email, no more fighting your hardest just be seen.

You may be struggling to think of things to say/send out to your list subscribers, so here are a few ideas for your to try out.

Giveaways/contests– Give any information on how they can sign up, and what they can win

New Sales– whenever you have a new sale let your email subscribers be the first ones to know. Or even make a sale exclusively just for them.

Product launch– just like with your sales let them be the first to know about a product launch, or let them get first dibs at purchasing.

E-mail list only deals– send out special coupon codes, giveaways,or freebies that only email subscribers will get.

Links to your blog posts– if you have a blog let your list know about new posts that are relevant to them. Having different mailing lists is helpful for this.

Ask them to complete a survey– Maybe you want to know what things your customers are interested in purchasing from you, or maybe your want some general feedback. You can create a simple survey using survey monkey, or google forms.

Don’t forget to be yourself and have fun, let your e-mail besties know how much they mean to you. Don’t always be all salesy, that can get old fast.

How do I get people to sign up ?

The most important thing is getting people to sign up! If you have no way for people to sign up to your list then you’re wasting your time. You need to create sign up forms and let people know about where they can join. You also need to let the people know WHY they need to join your list. Offering some kind of freebie is essential to growing your list.You need to know what your ideal customer is on the look out for. Popular kinds of freebies to offer people in exchange for them to sign up are:

Printables – This could include printed wall art,planner printables

Mini E-books– You could create a small e-book on a topic you know your target market would love/benefit from. You can use the site Canva to do this. If you never heard of Canva you should definitely check it out. Such an awesome resource to use.

Phone/computer wallpapers – create some motivational quotes, or if you’re an artist create something to make as a free wallpaper. You can use Picmonkey or Canva to create your wallpapers.

E-mail course – create a free email course on a topic your target audience will love. Only those who sign up to your list can get access to it.

Webinar – Same as with the e-mail course host a free webinar, or create a video series.

Discounts– Give out a percent off or fixed amount discount to those who join your list.

I hope this encourages those who have been putting creating an email list on the side burner to get their butts in gear. The more we grow our lists the more people we can easily reach, the more people we easily reach, the more people will convert into customers. Which is what every business owner wants, happy and fulfilled customers.

Speaking of email lists feel free to join mine, you’ll get a free email checklist to help you send out your first email. Click here or the image below.


EMAIL CHECKLIST BUTTONwordswag_1491000467136

Pokemon GO Rant, and FREE Printables


Okay, this post is going to be on the geek girl side of things today. I know a lot of you have heard of the whole Pokemon GO craze that has been going on since it’s release in the US. If you haven’t yet heard about I don’t know where you have been it’s everywhere. TV, news, entertainment news, people making You Tube game play videos, do’s and don’t and even Pokemon GO hacks, it’s all over the internet and social media. Here’s just one of the many memes I’ve come across.

tumblr_nvpvcpvyV11sidezdo1_1280If you’re reading this and are wondering what the heck Pokemon GO is here’s a brief explanation. Pokemon GO is a new app available for free download for ios and android devices. It’s a game where players can become a Pokemon training and collect all the Pokemon. Your phone must be connected to GPS and data/wifi to see where Pokemon are located near by. You must go and find this Pokemon viewing it on your phone screen and try to catch it with a Pokeball. This app has been getting people off their rumps and out and about trying to catch ’em all.



I think the idea of this app is great, unfortunately for me I live in Canada so it was just released,and right now the server is VERY slow.

Now for my wee bit of a rant, I’m kind of really annoyed that so many people are now all about Pokemon. I have enjoyed Pokemon since the 90’s when it was first released. My problem is the people that were all like why do you still like Pokemon? Aren’t you kind of OLD to be playing/ watching Pokemon? You know Pokemon is for kids right?, or those who are like what’s a pokie man? Those same people now are constantly on their phones trying to catch ’em all. They didn’t like Pokemon but now that it’s everywhere it’s now the “IN” thing to get into again.


I just wanted to get that out there how annoying I find that to be, but any ways..are any of you lovelies playing Pokemon GO, what do you think of the new craze?I almost forgot here’s some special Pokemon freebies for you lovelies. Click HERE 

Summer 2016 Reading Challenge



Summer 2016 Reading Challenge

Every year I try my best to take the time to read more books. I love reading but sometimes I find it hard to give myself the time to sit back and relax with a good book. I am a member of the site Goodreads, which allows you to keep track of what you’re reading, what you have read, and what you want to read. They also have a yearly goal you can sign up to. My goal for this year is to read 50 books, last year was 25 and I accomplished that. So far for this year I’m pretty far behind on my goal, currently I’m at a measly 3 books. I have lots of reading to do still, that’s why as apart of my summer bucket list (get your free bucket list printables here) I’ve decided to take part in a reading challenge. I found one that I like that was created by Popsugar. I think it will be a good start to completing my 50 book goal. It’ll also be helpful for finding new books that I’d most likely would never consider reading. If you would like to join in with me and take part in this challenge you can find it here,below is a picture of the Popsugar challenge. If this challenge goes well maybe I’ll make up my own reading challenge to share with you all. Happy reading!


Summertime Bucket List and FREE Bucket List Printables


Hello lovelies! I absolutely love summer and spending time with family is a must. Summer officially started June 20th and hopefully you’re enjoying the weather and family time. For me I live in Canada and so far the weather has had its ups and downs. It will be hot and sweaty a few days, then feeling like its fall the next. Don’t get me wrong I love fall but I don’t need it here yet. To get myself more into the summery mood I decided to make up a summertime bucket list. There’s so many things I’m looking forward to doing. To help you guys get a jump start on your list I created some summertime bucket list  printables. 100% free to all my lovely readers. Simply print out the sheets sit down with your loved ones and start planning out some summer time fun. I for sure don’t want to let this summer go to waste, and you shouldn’t either! Get yours by joining my email club below.

Click the image below for your FREE bucket list printables

summertime bucket list

How to Create a Pinterest Image for Blog Posts

HOW TO CREATE A PINTEREST MAGE FOR BLOG POSTSSo you just finished writing up a new blog post, or maybe you just listed a new item for sale on your site. Now it’s time to share it with the world, the social media world that is. Time to pin it to one of your Pinterest  boards. Stop right there, wait a minute do you have a captivating image that will engage your target audience on Pinterest. Ask yourself this is my pin eye-catching , would this grab your attention and make you want to click this pin , repin, and go check out the site the pin is linked to, to find out more. If not then maybe its time to work on creating awesome Pinterest images that will get you more repins, followers, and most important click-throughs to your site.
Now you may be asking yourself how the heck do I do that , and won’t that take forever to do? Not at all I’m going to go through the easy steps you should be doing. Oh by the way I do this process using an all free site. Without further ado let’s get this little tutorial started

Creating The Perfect Pinterest Pin Image

Once you have your blog post all done head on over to a little handy dandy site called Canva. Canva is by far one of my favorite resources I find helpful when creating social media images. It’s fairly simple and straight forward. Once there you can sign up for a free account, there’s also a paid version but for this tutorial it’s not necessary.

canva sign up

You’re all signed up, at the top of the screen it should say create design. Click on the big plus sign where it says more. This will show you all the different template sizes you can use for email headers, facebook, twitter banners, and much more.

canva go moreYou can also put in your own custom dimensions. For this post our focus is on Pinterest, so we’ll be selecting the Pinterest graphic.

canva pick pinterest

When you select the Pinterest graphic a new blank canvas will open up that is already the perfect size for Pinterest. It’s always best to use vertical rather than horizontal photos on Pinterest.

canva pinterest blank

To create your image there is a few ways you can do this. You can choose one of the free layouts Canva has to offer, or you can choose to pay for one. If you pick this method all you  do is change what your text says. Another way is to select the background button and choose one of the background options and colours. The way I like to make my pins is by clicking upload and uploading one of my own pictures to use for the background.

canva background

For this tutorial I used a styled stock photo, you can find stock photos on different free to use sites like Pexels and Pixabay.

Whatever image you choose make sure it’s clear and appeals to the eye and of course to your ideal audience. The picture I’m using has colours I use within my blog, is bright, and neat.

Now I want to add an overlay to my picture that I will add my text on top of. To do this I go to elements and select shapes. I’m choosing the square that has rounded edges, you can choose whichever shape you like. I then resized the square to a rectangle and changed the colour to pink and made it have 60% transparency.


canva overlay

canva done

All that’s left to do now is add your text. You do this by selecting the text button you can pick add heading, subheading, body text or you can choose one of the text templates Canva has. I’m  going to choose to add body text. Select the font you want to use making sure it’s bold and stands out, but is still easy to read. Resize, place where you would like your text to be, and change the colour of your font if you’d like. That’s it! Pretty simple right. There are plenty of different ways you can design different images on Canva this is just a quick and easy example. You just need to take some time and explore Canva a bit, and get creative. Hope you lovelies found this tutorial helpful, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. Happy Blogging!


How I Take Product Photos For Etsy

If you`re like me and are an entrepreneur who sells a physical item, then having a technique on how to take the perfect product photos is a must. Here I`m going to tell you all about my personal process of taking. Everyone is going to have their own ways on how they like to do things this is just what I have found to be a good way for me to do things.  

First off I use a fairly basic  point-and-shoot camera, you don’t always need a fancy DSLR camera to take good photos. All I use is my Fuji film camera it has 14 mega pixels. If your products are small and you need to be close up make sure your camera has a macro setting that will allow you to take detailed close up pictures. This is the setting I always use for shooting pictures of my jewelry and other small accessories that I sell. When I first started out I had no idea how to use different camera settings , and I had no clue what a macro setting even was,  my pictures turned out horrible to say the least. They were very blurry and out of  focus, and fine details were no where to be seen. 

Once I have my camera settings ready I set up my white background. I use a white sheet of foam board mine measures about 20 by 30 inches it’s a great size for me, my products fit perfectly. I used to use a white piece of paper but my necklaces wouldn’t fit if I wanted a full length picture of them. The foam board is a great price by the way, I bought mine at my local Dollar Store. If you can’t find foam board you can easily just use paper bristol board or even fabric. set your background up near a window for natural lighting, or you can even go outside to take your photos. It’s best to go out on an overcast day so the lighting isn’t too bright. What also helps is setting the brightness levels on your camera. Next set up the items that you’ll be taking pictures of. Always make sure to take great close-ups to capture the fine details  making sure to take pictures from multiple angles.

If your shop is on Etsy like mine is you can add up to five pictures for each listing I usually take much more than five then decide later which ones I like best. All that’s left now  is to upload all the pictures to your computer, and for my least favorite part photo editing. As for what I like to do for my photo editing I`m going to leave that for another post. Feel free to share any tips you have in the comments below.

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WIP Work In Progress – New Rainbow Pastels Collection

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone’s week has been treating them well so far. For this weeks work in progress I’d like to share with you all my new jewelry product line for my shop Mizziexoxo Boutique. I’ve been working very hard on the new line for the past couple of weeks.This new line features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. All of which are either beaded and or made with polymer clay. Every piece is in a rainbow pastel colour. So the colours I used are pastel pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I chose to make the new jewelry line in these colours mainly because I thought all of these colours are lovely for the spring time. I have yet to launch the new product line, I still have a few things to make and add.

Gummy Bear bracelet

The gummy bear bracelet is the only item that is available now the rest and the other items will be released soon. You can see the gummy bear bracelet here.

Cross Earrings

Heart Macaron Earrings

Macaron Bracelet 

Heart Macaron Earrings

Macaron Bracelet

Cookie Necklace

Here are some of the things I’m still have in the works 

If you join my email club you will be the very first to know when it’s released. When you join you’ll also receive a 15% off coupon code you can use towards any future purchase. Let me know which items are your favorites, or let me know what things you would like to see me create. 
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DIY Baby Wipes Tutorial

Hello lovelies, today I’m sharing with you all this fairly simply tutorial. This simple DIY is for baby wipes. Whether you’re a mama who goes through baby wipes like crazy, or if you’re like me and don’t have kids, but still find baby wipes useful for cleaning up or to remove makeup. Then this cost efficient DIY is for you! If you don’t know I’m a huge crafter and I love to use baby wipes to clean up my craft space. I also use them to keep my hands clean while I am working with polymer clay. It really helps prevent fluff and hair out of my polymer clay pieces if you have ever used polymer clay or any other kinds of clay, then you know how difficult it can be to keep it clean. Now on to the tutorial instructions. 

What you will need for this tutorial:
What you’ll need
  • paper towels 
  • container with a lid (I reused an empty baby wipes container)
  • baby wash/shampoo
  • baby oil 
  • water
  • measuring cup
  • tablespoon

Now that you have all you need gathered, it’s time for the easy steps.

  • Take your paper towel roll and cut it in half, and place one of the halves into your container. 

Place paper towel into container

  • Measure out one cup of water and add 1 tablespoon of baby was/shampoo, and 1 tablespoon of baby oil. You can use plain baby oil or even baby oil with aloe in it. Mix well. 
  • Pour the mixture over top of the paper towels 

Pour mixture onto paper towels
  • Close the lid and let it sit for a few minutes, then you can remove the inner tube from the paper towels. Once the inner tube is soaked it should be fairly easy to pull out.

That’s it you’re done, now you can have baby wipes handy whenever you like. As long as you have all things your need to make them that is. This was simple right, let me know in the comments if you have or will give this a try. I almost forgot I also decided to start a YouTube channel for fun, and this here is my first tutorial I posted on there.If you’re more into watching video tutorials here it is. Feel free to like,comment, or subscribe any support would be appreciated. 🙂

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